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Boxed is standing up to the Pink Tax.

What is the Pink Tax?

An upcharge on women’s products that is NOT applied to their male equivalents. Boxed is taking a stand.

We took a hard look at some of the products offered on Boxed and realized that many female products cost significantly more than their male equivalents per ounce or unit. We want to take a stand to correct this, even if that means taking a hit on margin.

We also discovered that in some places tampons and pads are charged sales tax because they are considered 'luxury' items. These are everyday essentials that every woman depends on, so we're reducing our prices in an effort to offset these taxes.

Same product,
same price

Price equality for women

On a per ounce or per unit basis, many identical products cost more for women than they do for their male equivalents, such as razors and deodorants.

No taxation
for tampons

Periods are not a luxury

Tampons and pads are charged sales tax as they are considered "luxury" items. A necessity should not be considered a luxury. This doesn’t make sense to us.

What products does this affect?


108% per unit more for razors


10% per ounce more for body wash


8% per ounce more for deodorant


5% per ounce more for shaving gel


Charged a luxury tax

Let’s talk about it

Boxed hopes these small changes will be the catalyst to a greater win in women's equality. Let us know what you think by sharing the hashtag #RethinkPink on your favorite social media site.

Join the #RethinkPink movement

We’re super passionate about this campaign and hope you’ll get behind this too! Visit our Press Page for assets and contact details. Want more info? Sign up below to get the latest #RethinkPink updates.

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