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Group Ordering on Boxed


Ready to shop with friends, family, roommates and more?

Start your cart

Start your cart

It's time to stock up! Start a group order, give it a name, and get ready to share.

Invite friends to shop together

Invite friends to shop together

Friends don't need an account to shop; simply send the unique link and see who's adding what.

Done? Only you checkout

Done? Only you checkout

Let your shoppers take their time... Remember, only you have the power to checkout.


Crowdsource snacks for the office. Stock the apartment without fighting over who forgot the toilet paper. Let your partner add their favorites while you add yours. Group Ordering makes online shopping easy.


When you’re in your cart, click the arrow next to ‘Personal Cart’ to find all your orders or start a new one. From here, you can manage all your orders and switch between them with ease. When you’re ready to start a Group Order, just click ‘Start New Group Order.’


Once you’ve clicked “Start New Group Order,” add your name, the order’s name, and any notes in the pop-up that appears. Invite friends by sending them the link provided. You can pop into your Group Order anytime from the Boxed homepage or your cart. Ready, set, shop!


  • Are you an owner?
    Who can I invite to my Group Order?
    You can invite anyone to your Group Order. A Boxed account is not required for your friends to help you shop. Simply send the unique link to as many as 30 people with a computer, phone, or tablet. They can explore the site or app and add items to your cart (remember, only you can check out!).
    How does everyone pay?
    As the owner of the cart, only you can check out. We keep track of your shoppers’ tabs, so splitting the bill later is easier.
    I don’t want an item someone added. What do I do?
    As the owner, you have total control over any item that your shoppers have added. You can adjust their quantities and remove items entirely before you check out.
    Can I kick people out of my Group Order?
    You can’t remove them, but you can remove the items they’ve added before you check out.
    I regret starting this order. How do I delete it?
    Deleting your Group Order will remove all items added by you and by others. No one will be able to access this order once you delete it. To delete your order, go to the details page and select the red delete button.
  • Were you invited?
    I was invited to a Group Order. Now what?
    Welcome to Group Ordering at Boxed! Clearly, you know some great people. Your friend started an order and needs your help. Check the name of the order your friend chose and any description they left for guidelines about what to add (for example, “Groceries for the week” or “Birthday party” can tell you if they need paper towels or party napkins.) Use the link they sent to browse the site and start adding items to the Group Order. When you’re done, simply select ‘Finish Shopping’ from the Details page to alert the owner that you’re done.
    Why can’t I check out?
    Only the person who started the cart can check out. You should let them know when you’re finished shopping. We keep track of everyone’s tab so you can easily split the bill on your own.
    Why can’t I change other people’s items in the cart?
    Only the owner of the cart has total control of the Group Order. We aim to give the owner a true idea of what each person wants because in the end, it’s the owner who chooses which items they are willing to pay for.
    What is ‘finish shopping’?
    ‘Finish shopping’ will let the owner know you’re, well, finished shopping. This notifies them that you’re done so they can go ahead and place their order. That said, if you want to change something after you’ve hit the ‘finish shopping’ button and they have not yet placed the order, you can choose to continue shopping with that order simply by clicking back in from your cart drawer.
    What is ‘leave order’?
    ‘Leave order,’ on the other hand, is permanent and you cannot rejoin the order once you have selected this option. Leaving an order will remove you from it, remove any items you added to the group cart, and you will not be notified about the order again.
    I’m a Boxed shopper with my own account. Why am I seeing different products when I participate in a Group Order?
    When you’re shopping for someone’s Group Order, you see what they see. If the owner of the cart is shopping in a different region than you usually do, they might see a slightly different selection of products. Don’t worry; when you switch back to your personal cart, your product selection will go back to normal.
  • General Questions
    What is Group Ordering?
    Group Ordering lets you shop with friends. When it’s time to stock up, take the guesswork out of getting what everyone wants. Starting a Group Order? Give it a name, invite friends, and check out when you’re done! Invited to a Group Order? put in your name and start shopping by selecting the items you want to add to the group cart. When you’re done, just click ‘finish shopping’ to let the owner know you’re done. It’s that easy!
    What is my personal cart and how do I get to it?
    Not interested in a Group Order right now? Shop by yourself in your personal cart. Ah, peace and quiet.
    Can I be a part of more than one Group Order at once?
    Yes! You can start more than one Group Order and participate in more than one at a time, too. Simply click on the name of the order in your cart and switch to where you want to shop.
    How does payment work?
    The owner, or the person who started the Group Order, is the one who checks out. They pay for the whole order, but we do keep track of who ordered what so you have an easier time splitting the bill later.
    Do all items ship together?
    Yes, even though different people are contributing, the order all goes to the same place, as defined by the owner. Boxed orders typically arrive within 2-3 business days after an order is placed.
    I already did all my shopping in my personal cart, can’t I just share it?
    Not at this time. Personal carts can never be shared, and we can’t carry a shopping cart over at this moment. When you start a Group Order it always starts out fresh.
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