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Ziploc Bag Omelette & 9 Other Crazy Ziploc Hacks

by Julia Blanter

So you thought Ziploc bags were just for sandwiches…and loose batteries? How about omelets in a bag or instant pillows? Ziploc Sandwich, Freezer, and Slider Variety bags are for way more than simple food storage (although they’re great at that). We crowdsourced the brightest, best, and downright weirdest Ziploc hacks below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Omelette…in a bag?

Believe it or not you can make an omelette in a Ziploc. Get the recipe here.

2. Instant in-flight screening room

Turn that painful screenless seat experience into something a little less painful.

3. Luggage saver

Stop being that person at the airport. Here’s how.

4. No more tangled headphones

Go on, unleash your inner OCD.

5. Kids’ busy bags

Pack the kids one of these busy bags and save your sanity on a long flight or car trip.

6. Instant anywhere-pillow

If you’re desperate for a pillow, inflate a Ziploc.

7. Instant salad dresser

Tossing a salad and making a mess? Shake, shake, shake it up in a Ziploc instead!

8. 5-minute ice cream

Make homemade ice cream in less than 5 minutes with only milk, sugar, vanilla, ice and a couple of Ziploc bags! Tried-and-tested by Boxed intern, Marilyn. Get the recipe here.

9. Mixologist-approved ice

Mixologists are all about the size of their ice. Get cocktail-worthy crushed ice without the $18 price tag – just add ice to a Ziploc bag and smash with a rolling pin.

10. Frozen smoothies

Sick of paying $10 for smoothies at the hipster juice joint? Just add chopped fruit or veggies to Ziploc Freezer bags, throw them in the freezer and in the morning, you’ve got perfectly portioned smoothie ingredients, ready to go in the blender.

What’s your favorite Ziploc hack? Share it here!

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