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How to DIY Your Wedding Welcome Bags

by Jessica Rotondi

You did it. You found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. You sweated it out over rings, were fitted a million times for that dress or tux, and now you’re sharing your first-day-of-forever with your closest friends and family. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? And it will be. But wedding days are like other days. Sometimes, you get hungry — or let’s be honest, hangry. For outdoor venues in the hot sun, thirstiness can set in at any moment. You invite people to your wedding who spent lifetimes or hard times or good times taking care of you; on your wedding day, don’t forget to take care of them.

We know, you have enough going on with figuring out that seating plan (who DO you put Uncle Bob next to?) and on the day itself, the last thing you need is to sweat the details. With a little bit of advance planning, you can ensure your guests are fed and watered (well, at least until they hit the bar). Here are some easy DIY goodie bag ideas that will make your guests feel welcome … and leave you feeling confident so you can focus on bigger things. You know, like getting married to the love of your life.

DIY Wedding Welcome Bag

Wow your guests from the minute they arrive at check-in with DIY wedding welcome bags stocked with everything they’ll need. VOSS Artesian Water will keep them hydrated throughout the weekend, and on-the-go snacks like KIND Bars and Planters Nuts will keep them sated between cocktail hour and the witching hour. And if your family or new in-laws are the kiss-on-the-cheek type (hi, Uncle Bob!), EOS lip balm is great for enthusiastic aunt greetings.

For more DIY Wedding inspiration, check out our board on Pinterest.

DIY Bridal Party Bag

They put up with your taste in bridesmaid dresses. They threw you that bachelorette party that you’ll still be talking about in your 80s. And they’re about to be immortalized in photos where they’re doing the Chicken Dance because that’s how much they love you. When they get back to the bridal party suite after a night of partying and stay up until dawn talking about how amaaaazing the wedding was, but how unfair it is that there is nowhere to order pizza at 4 AM, you want to make sure they have snacks. The Planters Nuts Variety Pack with honey roasted peanuts, salted cashews, and salted peanuts tastes amazing all the time, but especially after a night of dancing. VOSS Artesian Water will keep them hydrated while EOS lip balm will keep their lips soft and moisturized for the Snapchat duck lips selfies they may or may not be taking once they take their wedding day hair down. (So. Many. Hairpins.)

DIY Maid of Honor Bag

It was sweet of your maid of honor to not tell the story of that one time at band camp… so reward her with Milano dark chocolate cookies paired with LaCroix seltzer as sparkly as her wit. EOS hand lotion is as pretty in pastel as it is functional, and Lifesaver’s mints will keep her breath fresh when she fills you in on which groomsmen were getting flirty with which bridesmaids.

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