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10 Magical Spring Cleaning Tips

by Julia Blanter

No one really looks forward to spring cleaning, right? But there’s nothing like turning over a new leaf and launching into the new season with a clean, organized home. So this year, we thought we’d make spring cleaning fun. Here’s what we decided to do:

We also put together our top 10 spring cleaning hacks, which we think are pretty life-changing. Consider this your spring cleaning cheat sheet.

1. Erase Kitchen Grout 

Nothing tires a kitchen out like scruffy grout. Give grout a refresh with Prince & Spring Ultra Scrub Erasers.

2. Get Rid of Marks on the Wall 

While you’ve got the Prince & Spring Ultra Scrub Erasers out, erase any grubby marks on the wall (thanks, little ones!).

3. Make Herbs Last Longer

Does it seem like herbs start to wilt as soon as you get them home? Preserve them by dampening a sheet of Prince & Spring Ultra Paper Towel and gently wrapping around the herbs, then store in the fridge. They’ll last days and days longer!

4. Gently Clean Pots & Pans

One of the best spring cleaning hacks is to use Prince & Spring Dryer Sheets to clean pots and pans. The gentle abrasiveness is ideal for getting rid of caked-on stains.

5. Freshen pantries

Dryer sheets make easy pantry shelf liners, with just a hint of scent to freshen up the space.

6. Buff Chrome to a Shine

Another great way to use Prince & Spring Dryer Sheets is in the kitchen sink, on taps and knobs. Buff them to a brilliant shine in seconds.

7. Get Rid of Stinky Smells

Baking soda is a miracle worker. It sponges up stinky smells in the fridge – just scoop up a cup in a mason jar and store in your refrigerator shelf. And with our big bag of Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda, you can fill up a fresh cup every month.

8. Clean High Chairs & Toys

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes are non-toxic so they’re safe to use on toys and high chairs. Keep a canister in every room for quick clean-ups.

9. Sensational Spring Scents

Channel your inner Martha (c’mon, we all have one) by stocking up on cleaning products in your favorite scent, like Mrs. Meyer’s bestselling lemon verbena or soothing lavender.

10. Candles Make Everything Better

Once you’re done with your spring cleaning, light a candle (or two) to set the scene and infuse your home with a delicious, spring scent, like Mrs. Meyer’s cult Basil Candle.

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