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You Neeed These 7 Rice Krispies Treat Recipes In Your LIfe

by Julia Blanter

Today might be National Rice Krispies Treat Day, but our love for these bite-size chewy and crispy bars is endless (it’s a good thing we sell Rice Krispies Treats in bulk). To celebrate, here are 7 creative Rice Krispie Treat recipes using three easy, main ingredients — Rice Krispiesmarshmallows, and butter. The common denominator is a spirit of fun and results you’re going to want to ‘gram.

Rice Krispies Treat Sushi

This playful twist on sushi would go swimmingly at a kid’s party. Just top with Swedish Fish and tie with Fruit Rolls.

Rice Krispies Treat Ice Cream Cones

How to improve on the perfect Rice Krispies Treat? Stuff them with marshmallows and Nutella (!).

Rice Krispies Treat Donuts

Summer might be over, but Rice Krispies Treat ice cream cones are forever.

Rice Krispies Treat S’mores

Imagine bringing a box of these to work with a pot of coffee for your team. Now about that promotion…

Lego Rice Krispies Treats

Lego lovers will have fun making these with M&Ms and icing, and they’d make such a colorful treat to take to school.

Rice Krispies Treat Turkey

How Instagrammable is this Rice Krispies Treat Thanksgiving turkey, stuffed with Reece’s Pieces? We’re torn between reaching for our phone and reaching for a piece…

Rice Krispies Treat Fried Chicken Tenders

Hard to believe, but these finger-lickin’ drumsticks are actually made from Rice KrispiesRaisin Branpretzel rodspeanut buttermarshmallows, and white chocolate. A labor of love that will go down as easily as, well, fried chicken.

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