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Summer Party Confessions, Revealed

by Jessica Rotondi

Summer hosting season is upon us. Weekends full of beer, burgers, and potato chips await. But the summer #bulklife isn’t all red cups and rosé; there are those among us who are more double dip than hip. And today, we’re here to spill some secrets… kinda like that one friend who will inevitably spill their drink on your newly-stained deck.

We got 1,747 Americans to fess up to their secret party habits. Because the most interesting party moments aren’t the ones captured on Instagram feeds. Get ready for some real talk, party people.

Double Dipping

1 in 4 people admit to double dipping. We’ll take that as a compliment to our homemade spinach artichoke dip … but maybe pour our own salsa. Just sayin’.

Caught Orange-Handed

When napkins are scarce, 40% of people get handsy with whatever is nearby. (Not like that! We mean they wipe their hands on their pants/tablecloths/the lawn… get your mind out of the gutter!)

Spill and Split

Our red cups runneth over with happiness when we share a beautiful summer night with our friends. But when our cups LITERALLY runneth over, 21% of us commit a spill and split. Is that any way to treat a friend’s floor, folks?

Cupped and Confused

We’ve all been there. That moment mid-conversation when you reach for your glass… and realize you can’t say with 100% confidence if the one nearest you is yours. But hey, you probably know most people at this party, right? When faced with a cup identity crisis, a third of us (28%) admitted to taking a sip anyway. Party on, people.

What 5-Second Rule?

93% of Americans won’t eat off the floor, five-second rule be damned…. Maybe because of the 21% of us who admit to spilling things on it. Just a hunch.

Keeping It Clean

While we may spill, wipe, and share cups, 97% of Americans say they’d stay to help a host clean up. That almost makes us want to host again.

Thanks for the Memories

When the party is over, 75% of Americans send a thank-you note. Now that’s the kind of partygoer who can make a guest appearance at our place.

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