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Emmy Party Snacks and Cocktail Recipes

Sep 12, 2018·by Julia Blanter

It's Emmy awards 2018 time, and that means all those all those hours of binge-watching are about to pay off. Whether your favorite shows make it to the top or end up being a flop, we have you covered with easy snack hacks and cocktail recipes that are sure to be winners with your guests.

3 Easy Popcorn Recipes

It's just not an Emmy party without popcorn, so try these tasty popcorn hacks.

Photo: Food Network.

Honey Nut Popcorn

  1. Microwave the popcorn. Mix together the honey and peanut butter with a few drops of water, and microwave on low for 30 seconds to melt and warm through. Drizzle over popcorn.

Sriracha Popcorn

  1. Microwave the popcorn. Drizzle over Sriracha while still in the bag, and shake to coat.

Cacio e Pepe Popcorn

  1. Microwave the popcorn. Shake grated cheese and pepper to taste over the popcorn while still in the bag, and shake to coat.

Soup Shooters

These impressive soup shots couldn't be easier to prepare. Just heat, pour and serve.

Photo: Epicurious.

  1. Heat the soup and pour into heatproof shot cups. Top with parmesan crisps.

3-Ingredient Cocktails

You never want to run out of cocktails, especially when you're hosting an Emmy viewing party. That's why getting wine and liquor delivered in bulk by Boxed is a winning idea. These big batch cocktail recipes need only three ingredients so you can get back to being the host with the most.

Photo: BBC.


  1. Combine a few tablespoons of Prosecco and rose and mix with the strawberry preserves to create a smooth paste, then top with the remaining wines.

Red Carpet Martini

  1. Mix the Tito's and cranberry juice in a large carafe. Top with the sparkling water and serve.

Golden Margarita

  1. Mix everything together in a large punchbowl.
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