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3 Buzz-Worthy Coffee Recipes

by Jessica Rotondi

To us, coffee is perfect. It wakes us up, keeps us going, and pairs with everything — especially our favorite meal of the week, brunch. But coffee is for way more than drinking. Did you know that you can cook and bake with coffee? Yep, we were pretty stoked to find even more ways to enjoy our daily caffeine fix. Here are three recipes featuring coffee that will turn any meal into a buzz-worthy event.

Eye-Opening Burger Spice Rub 

We know, we know. When we think “coffee,” we don’t always think “burger,” either. But Fred Thompson’s coffee spice rub blew our minds, so we just had to share it with you. Just combine Prince & Spring organic ground coffee with brown sugar black peppercorn, oreganoHimalayan crystal salt and coriander and Boom! Your burger just got a caffeine boost.

Chocolate Mocha Muffins

Have your coffee and eat it too with this chocolate mocha muffin recipe from Inside BruCrew Life. We brewed Prince & Spring organic ground coffeeand mixed it with brown sugarvanilla extract, Domino sugarbaking powderbaking sodasaltBob’s Red Mill Organic flour, and added the milk, butter, and eggs we had on hand in the fridge. For added flavor, we swapped out chocolate chips for Hershey’s nuggets. Because the only thing better than coffee in food is coffee and chocolate in that food together. Now that’s what we call waking up happy.

Maple Coffee Baked Oatmeal

We’re obsessed with all things Food52, and this healthy, quick recipe for maple coffee baked oatmeal just spoke to us. We swapped espresso powder for Prince & Spring organic ground coffee in French Roast and mixed it with Bob’s Red Mill rolled oatsbaking powdersaltmaple syrup, eggs, butter, and milk. Instead of cherries, try Craisins for an added touch of sweet. We can’t think of a better way to start our day than with coffee in our cups AND bowls. Bon appétit.

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