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3 Secrets to Happy Campers

Sep 12, 2018·by Jessica Rotondi

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Do we have any real campers left out there? People who camp out to feel the sun on their face and the wind at their back instead of camping out for the latest smartphone?

If you prefer valley streams to streaming video and nature hikes to toll hikes, this post is for you.

So You Want to Go Camping...

You've got the campsite. Lined up some fellow travelers who know how to pitch a tent or two. Have the fire-making know-how that would make a Boy Scout blush. What else can you bring into the woods beside this dream team and the dream of a perfect weekend, you ask? Here's your guide to what to bring camping so you can focus on bringing the heat, not putting out fires. (Unless you're in charge of putting the campfire out at the end of the night. In that case, do that. Smokey the Bear knows his stuff.)

1. The Supplies

Duracell's Durabeam Ultra flashlights are compact, powerful, and weather-resistant for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Oh, and this four pack comes with 12 AAA batteries so if everyone has to, ahem, get up in the middle of the night at the same time (we're not saying it was your cooking), every man and woman can bear their own torch.

Whether you tell your friends back home that you were attacked by a Grizzly, Leo-style, or just got a grisly scrape hiking, this First Aid Kit has everything you need to deal with cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sprains, strains, pain, fever, and more.

Planning active days? Coppertone SPORT will keep you protected from the sun as you sweat and swim your way through nature.

When you need to slake your thirst, this stainless steel water bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours so your water will be as refreshing before your hike as after. The twist? It also keeps hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours, so your coffee will keep its kick from campfire to summit. Cheers.

2. The Soundtrack

Nothing sets the relax-under-the-stars mood like a chill playlist. We hand-picked these acoustic and blues-ey songs on Spotify just for you. They'll leave you staring contentedly into the flames. Let's rekindle.

3. The Snacks

There's no mountain too high when you fuel up on Prince & Spring Mountain Trail mix. Want to raise the bar? Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars pair roasted peanuts, rich chocolate, and peanut butter with the protein you need to keep your body strong. Speaking of protein, Krave Jerky is a healthy anytime snack for scaling forests or tackling tent setup duties.

When salty cravings hit and you're ready to relax, Kettle Brand's Fiesta Pack has you covered with flavors like Jalapeño, Chile Verde, Avocado Oil Tropical Salsa, and Avocado Oil Chili Lime. Prefer something that pops? Pirate's Booty tastes even better under the stars.

Lastly, no camping trip is complete without s'mores. When Hershey's milk chocolate bars, Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, and Honey Maid Graham Crackers combine and are transformed by the heat of lovingly-kindled flames, the results are pure magic. And while it's hard to top a classic, these five mouth-watering s'mores recipes can take your s'mores from "wow" to "mmmmff I would tell you how delicious these were if my mouth weren't full of deliciousness mmffff."

There you have it, Boxed fam. The three secrets to happy campers. Stay safe out there.

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