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The Best Halloween Candy, Revealed

Sep 19, 2018·by Jessica Rotondi

Stocking up on Halloween candy in bulk means never running out when it counts. But with so many options -- King size or bite size? Chocolate or hard candy? -- choosing the best Halloween candy has become somewhat scary. (Shiver.) We crunched the numbers to help you find the most popular Halloween candy in bulk at Boxed. See how your favorites stack up to the ghoulish competition.

Running out is scary. Keep trick-or-treaters happy by stocking up on Halloween candy in bulk at Boxed. And because there's no such thing as too much candy, check out these fun recipes for making baked goods out of your leftover Halloween haul. You know what they say: Waste not, want not. And as the '80s band Bow Wow Wow once crooned, "I want candy."

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