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Amazing Avocado Oil Benefits

by Jessica Rotondi

You’ve heard of avocado toast, but have you tried avocado oil?

It seems like it was only a matter of time before the beauty of avocados were distilled into a concentrated essence that you could bottle up and cherish… um, put in your pantry.

Avocado oil has a lot going for it. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E and high in heart-healthy fat, avocado oil can also take the heat — up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact — so is great for cooking. But the benefits go way beyond the kind you can taste. Add a bottle of BetterBody Foods Naturally Refined Avocado Oil to your next order and try these six avocado oil uses that have us ‘oil’ excited.

1. Whip [It In] Your Hair Back and Forth

Avocado oil makes an ahh-mazing leave-in conditioner. Your dreams of bathing in avocado just got semi-realized. Did we mention how healthy your hair is looking?

2. Dress Up Your Salad

Avocado oil makes a deliciously different salad dressing. Whisk it with vinegarmustard, and some salt and pepper and your salad just got sassy.

3. Drizzle It On Popcorn

Movie night just got the avocado treatment. We like to treat our Skinny Pop to an avocado oil bath while we Netflix and snack.

4. Moisturize

Avocado oil penetrates deep into skin, and its high levels of Vitamin E act as an antioxidant. It absorbs quickly, is relatively odorless, and leaves you feeling oh-so-smooth. Actress Lupita Nyong’o uses it on her body, face and hair. If it’s good enough for Hollywood, we’ll take two.

5. Take Your Face Off

The same properties that help avocado oil blend quickly into skin make it perfect for removing pesky eye makeup. Bonus: Unlike other oils on the market, it doesn’t sting. Makeup remover should never make you cry. (But if you want a good cry, check out this video of our CEO, Chieh Huang, surprising an employee by saying he’ll pay for his wedding).

6. Meet Your New Best Baking Friend

Avocado oil makes a handy substitute for baking with vegetable oil or olive oil. It tastes less strong than veggie or olive and if anything, adds a mildly nutty flavor that’s perfect for breads and cakes (ok, and brownies).

So, there you have it. Six ways to bring more avocado into your life. It isn’t easy being green, but it sure is multifunctional.

What’s your favorite avocado oil recipe or use? Share it in the comments!

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