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5 New Things You'll Love in September

Sep 4, 2018·by Julia Blanter

Goodbye, summer. Hello, fall! Celebrate the new season by trying something new with your next Boxed order. We're highlighting five new launches we think you're going to love. September brings a delicious twist on jerky that we can't stop snacking on and a nostalgic childhood classic that will make your inner (and outer) kid smile. Plus, our new tech arrivals are a must to keep in your handbag, desk drawer, and travel bag. Discover these five new arrivals today.

Ayoba-Yo Biltong Variety Pack

Think of biltong as your new favorite jerky. Straight out of South Africa, our variety pack of Ayoba-Yo air-dried beef comes in Traditional and Spicy so you can stock up and snack on two new flavors from across the globe.

Jell-O Ocean Build & Eat Kit

Play with your food! This Jell-O Play kit comes with everything you need to make a delicious adventure on the high seas. Use the included building block molds to turn your Lime and Lemon Jell-Os into an island in the sun...or maybe a lighthouse to explore!

Bubble Yum

Remember the fun of Bubble Yum? That classic bubblegum taste that lasts and lasts...and those huge bubbles! We've brought the original Bubble Yum back so you can unleash your inner kid and show off your bubble-blowing skills.

Every Man Jack Body Wash

We're not sure what we love more about Every Man Jack Body Wash. Is it the invigorating cedarwood scent? The coconut-derived deep clean that's gentle on skin? The no parabens, no dyes, no GMOs ingredients list, or that it's not tested on animals? Lather up, this one's a keeper. Don't forget to try Every Man Jack Deodorant too.

Monoprice Tech Accessories

No more red zone battery freak-outs. From fast wireless charging pads to power banks and USB cables, Monoprice tech accessories will keep you charged on the go so you're always powered up. Go on, take another selfie!

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