Warehouse Club Shopping On Your Phone Or Tablet

Forget long lines, hassles and backaches! Boxed has hundreds of bulk-sized products at pint-sized prices. Save big while shopping for items you use every day - all shipped to your door!

Save Money

You know the value of a dollar, so why waste hard earned money paying retail? Buy in bulk and save! (And yes, we accept all major credit cards)

Free Shipping

Bulk goods are heavy but that doesn't mean getting them delivered has to cost an arm and a leg! Most Boxed orders qualify for FREE shipping!

Free Memberships

No more forgetting your card at home or having to borrow one from a friend (c'mon, you don't look that alike). At Boxed anyone can buy anything, anytime, anywhere without a membership!

Save Time

Hate the long drive, parking nightmares, winding aisles and being stuck at checkout behind someone's truckload of goods? Us too. An average hike to a warehouse club is over 100 minutes. Boxed gives you back 99.

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"...save customers time by shipping the same type of goods they would get at a warehouse club to customers directly to their doors."

- Ryan Lawler, TechCrunch

"Boxed is a mobile shopping experience, allowing users to browse and shop for hundreds of items..."

- Brandy Shaul, Inside Mobile Apps

"Boxed is Costco for the mobile generation."

- Aunkyr Arya, Braintree

"Best for: People who love buying in bulk but dislike the hassle of visiting warehouse clubs."

- Kimberly Palmer, U.S. News & World Report

"It's hard to avoid the long lines and heavy carts at wholesale shopping clubs like Costco."

- Ashley Mastronardi, FOX5 News

- Erin Griffith, Pando Daily

"Plenty of potential customers don’t have access to these clubs, like college kids, or people living in cities, or people in remote areas. "

- Garett Sloane, New York Post

"Shoppers can only order goods — toilet paper, condiments, cleaning supplies, non-perishable food and more."

- Christina Chaey, Fast Company

"The difference is Boxed brings those items to your door in two days or less, often with free shipping and without requiring a membership fee."

Why Shop Boxed?

"If Amazon is the online Walmart, Boxed is the online Costco."

- Christopher Mims, Quartz

"...growing demand allowed Boxed to quickly expand to 48 states..."

- Real Money with Ali Veshi

"...it will offer one- to two-day delivery and deep discounts on hundreds of products sold in bulk."

- Phyllis Furman, NY Daily News

"...winning the iPhone wallets of young urban professionals looking to save money and time without becoming a member -- or opening a browser."

- Natalie Robehmed, Forbes Staff


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my area?



Are your products available on your website?

Do I have to pay a membership fee?

Do you accept EBT's?







We ship to anywhere in the continental United States (sorry, no PO Boxes).

Our products are currently available only on mobile devices and tablets.

There are absolutely no membership fees whatsoever.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept EBT's at this time.

"Very convenient for people with tight schedules like myself who can't go out and buy things. Great selection of stuff too."

- D. Lee


Save on time, gas and membership fees!

- Jon C.

"Awesome for college No more waiting for the parents to drop off supplies! Finally! Everything is college budget friendly."

"Convenient Great app to have especially if you don't have a Costco or any other wholesale club membership."

- Jonathan S.

- Kim L.

"Great app! So convenient ordering in bulk from my apt since it's a pain to go to Costco and back in NYC without a car."



Are Boxed products factory returns, buy backs or discounted merchandise?

Absolutely not. Everything offered are first run products with standard expiry duration.